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ISKRA (/îskra/), a parent company to ISKRA Films, A Life in Progress, and Anywhere Goes, produces narrative films and photographic content. At ISKRA, we are first and foremost storytellers. We are passionate about creating narratives that shine a light on the many unique, and often surprisingly conflicting elements that make up a harmonic life. We source talent from across the country and are always eager to work with new and innovative collaborative partners.

Through the power of film, and it’s counterpart, photographic expression, we recognize that life is symphonic: beautifully cohesive and simultaneously fractured. At ISKRA, we believe that capturing this notion visually best illuminates the breadth of the human experience. While there is no guarantee of a spectacular grand finale in life, we are granted countless moments and memories that collectively provide us with a similar feeling of wholeness. Revealing along the way stories rooted in our most fundamental human capacities: resilience, growth & courage. These are the stories that ground us and inspire us to create.


With an emphasis on juxtaposition, emotional catharsis and growth, Alexa's purpose behind all of her creative pursuits is to share the notion that the life we embody is most worthy when we acknowledge its extraordinary and complicated depth

— Alexa Ammon, Iskra Founder

ISKRA Films Team


Alexa Ammon

Creative Director and Exec. Producer

Countless moments, experiences, successes and failures, shape us all into incredibly unique and complex human beings. Beginning with her adoption from Ukraine, Alexa’s life-journey was immediately imbued with a love and passion for travel. She was instilled with an unwavering desire to create from an early age, and attributes this primarily to having the opportunity to see the world, first, as it is, and then filtered through her lens.

Throughout her travels, she witnessed that beauty and trauma invariably coexist, and to only bear witness to half of a whole would be unjust; without the dark, one does not have light. Her appreciation for synergy through conflict inspires her daily and is thus the driving force behind her life’s work in film and photography.

Alexa’s production experience spans the gamut, beginning with music and fashion, and finding a home in film and photography. As her artistic mainstays, she primarily attributes her attraction to both film and photography in her deep rooted need to “chase the light”–both in the tangible sense, through photography, or in the metaphysical sense, whereby she hopes the content that she creates exposes the innate nature of creativity: look for it; for it reveals itself everywhere, and then nurture it within yourself.

Alexa’s interest in film production began as the subject of a documentary about she and her twin brother’s journey back to Ukraine in search of their birth family, which led her to pursue a degree at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, where she graduated Magna cum laude.

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Samantha Manalang

Freelance Producer

Samantha is a well-rounded “SelfMayd” filmmaker. Her colleagues often refer to her as the “Fearless Super Woman” for surmounting challenges and achieving what others would consider the impossible. Samantha’s sole mission is to create and tell stories through the power of video and film. Whether promoting stories of company brands through online digital content, television, or stories made for the big screen, Samantha’s unique vision and talents enable viewers and audiences across all platforms to connect beyond influential significance.

Her love for film began at the age of six upon a very special studio lot tour given by her father who has been working as a security guard at Paramount Studios for over 30 years. Her film obsession continued into her adulthood, where she was the youngest in her class to graduate from The American Film Institute in the MFA Producing Program. While a full-time student, her professional career began immediately; working on feature films for major studios and production companies including Warner Bros., Disney, Lionsgate, Hero Films, CBS/Paramount, and Twentieth Century Fox as well as producing commercials and marketing content for agencies and brands such as Apple, Amazon, BMW, Audi, Microsoft, and Google and on-air television promos for Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story, Fargo, and The Strain.

Samantha has been and always will be a “dreamer”, committed to sharing her talents and imagination through purpose and meaning to make the world a better place.

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Danielle Reeder

Freelance Producer

Danielle is a free-spirited adrenaline junkie who puts that extra flair into her love for filmmaking. With her keen eye and enthusiastic personality, she always seems to pull something out of nothing, which makes her a true “SelfMayd” filmmaker.

Since a very young age, Danielle has always been passionate about sports. From athletic endeavors such as swimming and cross-country, to the more extreme such as dirt bike riding and surfing, she has always pushed the limits in everything she puts her mind to. She discovered her love for film in 7th grade when her art teacher had the class create a movie on something that interested them the most. Of course Danielle chose to do a film on skateboarding. From that moment on, she couldn’t put the camera down and went on to study filmmaking in college, ultimately obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree. She enjoys everything from editing, writing, directing and shooting. Danielle doesn’t turn her work into a chore, but a way of life. You can always find adventure in anything you point your camera at.

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